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A Scarlett Affair

It's just me and my other self

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Yeah so what's with the Scarlett? Well, actually, the reason why I joined livejournal was cause my friend Lauren started a harry potter rpg, so I has to create a livejournal and a character who i named Persephone Scarlett, and she's pretty much the reason why Im on here! So she's my other self! In a way.

So what am I like? Well don't know what to say really. Im a simple person but then I can be quite complicated. Im easily amused and then Im easily angered. Not much of a talker unless you get me into a conversation, then I never shut up. So Im pretty complex, I'll say no more!

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Viggo Mortensen is Love

South Park is LOVE

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Futurama is 31st Century Love

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Star Wars is multi-generation love.

The Bride is Vengeful Love.
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Potter Puppet Pals are Love.

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