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I Will Never do That Again!

I completely forgot to make a post for this so I thought id edit this one...


Dont worry theres a 100% chance you're cool enough! XD

--July 31, 2008


Yeah i gotta make this quick, although i dont think i'll be too successful.

Um, omg alot happened i guess.

The week after the fourth my mum came back and stayed at my place cause my oma's house still needed to be cleaned out. Yeah and i had to help even thought my aunt and mum told me i didnt need too. Yeah.

But it was a pain in the ass and even that weekend we still had to clean shit out which was just fucking annoying by then. The good news was i got some pretty cool stuff. Old cameras, a punch bowl, umbrellas...theres more but we stuffed a ton of shit in bags and my mum has them all at her house, so yeah dont know what else i got til i get back up there and have a look.

This past week was okay. Just worked. Its picking up again now cause Aliquippa is having there San Rocco festival soon and we gotta do a ton of shit for them...thats always fun.

Um but yeah I hosted the "movie club meeting" on friday...

yeah...i dont know...to me it seemed like it didnt go very well.

When everyone left round 11-ish i just kinda stood in my apartment and felt like i had to figure out what had just happened.

Dont get me wrong. It was fun...at least i think so. I was pretty happy its been awhile since so many people have been in my apartment at once! I did wanna thank Lauren for bringing the yummy cookies and Mark for bringing drinks! You guys are awesome!

Oh yeah and making "yr mom" comments on the DS' was fun as well! XD

Um yeah omg there more to talk about!

So yeah this weekend there were several things i wanted to do...and i didnt do them.

I was completely lazy and im totally pissed at myself! I seriously just was a piece of crap and i couldve gone out and couldve done something constructive but i didnt and thats where the title of this post comes in!

I will never ever do nothing again like that on the weekend...well unless im sick or something. But yeah staying in my apartment all weekend sucked and yeah now this week everyday after work im not going to go home! Im going to go out and do the things i shouldve done over the weekend until i get it all done (basically i gotta get it all done by friday).

Yeah cause this weekend im going on a camping trip with Hilary and pals...and i have to say...

Im not feeling great about it. I mean i wanna go ive never been camping and i gotta expierience it sometime, but i dont know im just feeling all nervous about it. Then again though im always extremely nervous when i do something new for the first time. I basically just need to stop being a pussy and suck it up.


Alright i gotta go work now.

Yeah im gonna suck it up and do it! Woo!

Im So Not With it!

So yeah someone help!

Okay, so i get my Entertainment Weekly today to find on the cover the guy who was Cedric in Goblet of Fire and yeah he's a vampire for this movie that was a book called Twilight.

So yeah apparently this is some hot shit going on....

...and yeah ive never heard of it!

I dont get it. People are saying this is better than Harry Potter and yet i have failed to notice it! Seriously i feel like im the only person to have never heard of this til i got my magazine today.

I didnt read the article yet, but so far ive read its a love story between human girl and a vampire. At first i thought it was a little too sappy, but ive just seen a trailer on youtube and yeah i have to admit...

...that guy is super hot! i mean i thought he was a cutie in Goblet, but damn he looks hot in this movie!

So yeah has anyone read this book? Is it worth it? Like i said above some people say its better than Harry, but others say its more of a soap opera for teens.

Im sorry but this is bugging me! I hate being outta the loop! Why didnt anybody tell me about this?!

Its like this new toy thats out! I just found out about it last week and it turns out its been around for some time! Oh, but they're called mighty muggs and they super cute! Theres Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Marvel character ones and they're totally sweet!

You guys gotta check em out if u havent! they totally made my day!

Anyway im sleepy and its late! There's more to post but its late!



Yeah alot of stuff happened over the weekend and the past couple of days. Im not sure where to begin and I know my mum's gonna be here soon to pick me up.

Sorry im at work at the moment.

But yeah last week i went up to my parents and i got to see Holly and Michele which was really awesome cause it's fun to hang out with them. Rachel did in fact join us. I know, i was shocked myself! She did prove one thing about herself though during the course of the weekend...she is indeed selfish as allll hell. I mean when the girl offered an idea and no one wanted to follow it, she literally yelled and whined until someone gave into it.

I pointed this out to Michele and all she really did was try for me to look at it as her crying out for acceptance...or something like that. Right okay. I know I shouldnt be so angry at her, but then again Michele wasnt the one who gave her over $600 around Christmas time.

Yeah another thing i noticed was that no one really listens to me or cares what i have to say.

Okay I can understand this if im an annoying little pain in the ass who always barges in and says whatever. But i dont think im like that. Talking is one thing that i dont do very much, but when i find a time to do so...such as expressing my opinion...no one seems to want to fit me into a conversation. Or if i do say something someone will interrupt me and then i dont get to speak again.

Okay I know i suck at telling stories. I get every detail and make the story longer than it should be and it bores alot of people. But stopping me from talking altogether isnt very nice or polite for that matter.

I mean i can understand if im annoying, but im not! I have things to say and im tired of being treated like I dont deserve to!

It just drives me crazy and then my family asks me why i dont talk. Hmm yeah i wonder that too.

Anyway, Michele gave my mum and dad her cat to look after for awhile until she can come up with something cause her boyfriend Chris (haha) is allergic to cats. They also brought up the dog he owns and his little 2 year old daughter Isabel. She was a cutie, but that girls mother doesnt dicipline her and Chris practically let Michele take care of her which is ridiculous.

The party was great. Holly and I shared chicken making, I made the pizelle cookies, and the rest of the food was just fucking amazing! My aunt and uncle brought over fireworks...some legal some not...but they were fun. We were kinda afraid we'd miss them though cause it rained for almost an hour, but we did get them in.

I was able to hang out with my sisters all saturday, but we did absolutely nothing. In fact i was rather pissed. All we did was hang around the house. I mean cmon! I do that at my apartment! I know we dont have much money but walking around a mall could at least give us exercise! It killed me!

Then i got pissed cause we tried to have conversations...i say tried cause i was barely involved in these...i mean once again i tried to speak and was cut off everytime or then there'd be a time when i get a sentence in and thats it.

And they just continue to ask, "What's wrong?" Hmm yeah Im trying to figure out that one too.

That saturday night we did go to an Altoona Curve baseball game which was rather fun. Afterwards...big surprise coming up...Rachel had to leave and then sunday was composed of my dad being an ass, Michele leaving to go to Chris's parents house in Kitanning, Holly leaving and me and my mum coming to Pittsburgh.

Yeah my mums in cause her and my aunt are cleaning again. XP Yeah they got one room cleaned and are now filling another empty one with stuff they wanna keep. Its ridiculous! By the time they get it all clean the guy who wants to see it, wont!

So yeah thats what i did yesterday, but im not cleaning today. I got laundry to do.

Oh yeah i cant believe i almost forgot to put this down, but Rachel texted me this morning to ask me if she can come over my place casue she needs to talk. At first i thought it was to beg me for money again, but maybe like an hour later she sent a group message to me and i guess my sisters saying that her boyfriend Greg broke up with her.

Oh snap. Is it mean that i wanna laugh? Im sorry the kid was nice and all but he was a douche and all the shit that happened with them, to me, the two didnt stand a chance.

Oh wow i managed to sum that all up rather well.

Um yeah so i cant think of anything and yeah my mums outside!

Ta all!

A Catch Up and a Look Ahead

Hmm so its been a week since i posted. Hmm.

So yeah what's happened with me. I gotta think about this.

Alrighty, well it was a rather busy weekend. Saturday I had to do some running around, pick up a bus pass, deposit my paycheck, ya know the usual. OH! but i also had to get a card for my cousin Maddi cause sunday was her graduation party.

Oh yeah also! so okay i had a twenty in my wallet and i really wanted to break it, so i walking around the shopping center and decided to check out RadioShack...one cause ive never been in there and two cause i wanted to see if they had anything for a DS...something silly that could break a twenty.

I was happy to see that they did have lots of games for DS...games that i actually want to buy, but i got distracted when i saw they had a Guitar Hero game for DS...

...that was priced at $14.99.

Yeah i didnt believe it either. This is the most sought game in the world, it wouldnt be so cheap. I pointed it out to the salesman and he said that the sticker was wrong. It was actually over $50 but the guy was all "Oh man, but that was nice of you to point that out!" after seeing my reaction to the price. I mean cmon what moron wouldnt notice whether the price tag was wrong!

Now i really didnt want the game i was actually looking at Mariokart, but as i had a look of annoyance after pointing out there mistake he told me to hang on as he went to the end of the counter and was looking in a big bin.

When he returned back to my end he had a game in his hand and said, "Lucky you, we've got one more left!"

I immediately began opening my mouth to tell him i wasnt interested, but i guess he once again saw my "dont even bother" face when he replied...

"Since we made the mistake with the price tag, we'll sell it to you for $40."

Now once again i really wasnt all about spending that much money, but then i realized something: This is never going to happen to me again.

So i bought Guitar Hero on Tour for my DS. Woo. I had a horrible feeling that i was gonna hate it, but i found that its quite addictive. I suck very much, but i still cant help myself from playing it.

My cousins grad party on sunday was pretty awesome. For one thing i only had to walk a couple streets away and two they had plenty of Mike's Hard Lemonade to keep my going. Plus, it's nice to catch up with family and stuffs. Wee. But yeah my aunt and uncle and cousin are pretty cool people especially when my aunts a little drunk. She's always really happy and always flatters random people. Like around 10pm she was telling me about how awesome my dad was cause he brought the fruit for the party. LoL...it was amusing.

So yeah...

This friday my mums having a fourth of July party at my parents house. Since im a helper now i get to leave thursday, so i basically told work i wasnt coming in thursday and friday. Im excited cause i'll get to see other family...

...well i mean that as in my sister Holly is coming in from Virginia and...

Michele's coming in from Tennessee! Wooo! Yeah her boss is off and there isnt much work so she's coming in for the weekend!

Rachel also said she was coming but i find that hard to believe cause Rachel didnt even bother to come to my cousins graduation party...and thats the family she likes.

So yeah im betting alot of money she wont show friday. Yep.

But basically if she does come it'll mean my entire family will be together. All six of us. It's been awhile since that's happened. It'll be interesting.

Oh let's see what else. Oh!

So yeah if u havent seen my link...i have a page on deviantart.com with my artwork on it and yeah for a couple months now theres been a guy who's been looking and commenting on my work and I his work cause he makes good work as well.

Well after a couple of sorta flirty-ish comments this guy asked if i had a name on MSN or Yahoo cause he said he wanted to chat.

I was so excited, so immediately sent him back that i had an aol name but i wasnt sure if that worked. If not i gave him my email just in case. Now ive been rather excited about this cause not only was he really nice, but it turns out his name is Aaron and he's from England and he's 27 and also on his page he had made a journal entry with his pic on it. He's rather cute!

So basically for the past week ive been very excited...but yeah thats just about it. I have yet to get a response. Nothing. No message, no email, no contact at all! He even posted a new piece of artwork and I commented on how much i liked it (cause i did) and he didnt even respond to that!

Yeah im giving up. As far as im concerned boys are a-holes! Yep a-holes!

Alright, well thats basically it for now. Maybe i'll post tomorrow...even if ive got nothing to say. Well, there are some pics ive found of sweet Viggo at an event he was at in Las Vegas a couple weekends ago.

He looks yummy. Oh yes, very yummy. He's the reason why i forget that boys are a-holes. Maybe it's because he's actually a MAN.


Viggo why must u tempt me!

...Life is Good!

Friday my DS Lite came in the mail.

Since then life has been good.

Very good.

I just rode the bus from work to downtown...yeah what normally is almost an hour bus ride turned out to be more like 20 mins while yr playing a DS. Its wonderful.

My thanks to Hilary for lending me some of her games!

When i got home friday from work i really wasnt going to go out anywhere basically cause i was tired as hell until i spotted my DS in my mailbox. Receiving such a gift fills you with such energy so i decided to head down to Hilary's anyway to watch movies.

It was there that Hilary gave me Mariokart, Cooking Mama, Nintendo Dogs, and some other game that i tried to play but i just dont get it and i keep failing miserably so ive given up on it! It was fun while it lasted!

But im totally killing on mariokart! I play that thing several times a day. Ive done better at Cooking Mama though. I opened up alot of new recipes (yr welcome, Hil).

Oh yeah so we watched Stardust at Hilary's and i was pleasantly surprised by it. It was alot better than i thought it was gonna be and yeah there really wasnt anything bad about it. Not that i can think of anyway.

The next movie meeting is at my place! I've decided (after watching The Holy Grail afterwards on friday) that the theme will be Monty Python. Im gonna purchase Life of Brian (the Immaculate Edition) and will be showing that and then The Meaning of Life afterward.

Those who wish to come may, but remember that other members of the "movie club" hilary started will be there so expect lots of people and also if u want to eat im having everyone chip in for pizza.

Um yeah. Oh. i dont remember what day it is. Hil, what day is this to happen? Guys its sometime in July i'll let you know.

Um so yeah this weekend was busy.

Saturday i had a family reunion to go to...the same one thats happened now for three consecutive years.

It was nice. I went with my mum cause apparently someone wants to look at my Oma's old house so she had to drive in and help my aunt clean up.

So we went to the reunion and then we went over to my aunts to chat. We planned to go to church together sunday and then go down to my Oma's house to clean it up.

Yeah it was a freaking nightmare.

That house is soooo huge and yeah my Oma and my aunt are such hoarders of stuff...its bad. I mean they save receipts for shit they bought years ago!

There are several rooms in this house and after two days (this includes yesterday) we have so many bags of garbage they filled the bottom of the living room floor. Clothes, boxes, a ton of random shit now lie there.

But yeah the good thing was if i stumbled upon something i wanted i could have it. I dont remember what i took but i got several bags of it.

That'll be fun when i go through those. Woo!

So yeah um work is boring. We have lots of nothing to do, but hey i got payed to play with my DS for 30 mins! Now thats America!

Um oh yeah i actually have some food now cause my mum took me grocery shopping so yay i now have food to eat!

Oh yeah so im going up to my parents for the Fourth of July and im super excited cause not only is my sister Holly coming up from Virginia, but Michele is gonna be able to come up from Tennesee too! Woo hoo!

Yeah i dont care so much if Rachel shows up. She didnt even bother to come to the family reunion cause she was getting a tattoo done.

Then the past two days she was supposed to meet my mum for breakfast. Monday she said she was sick and today she said she slept in, so my mum forced herself into Rachel's office to bring her lunch which i thought was awesome!

She basically needed to talk to her cause Rachel has been sending our dad her car payments. Lets not forget for the past few years financially this man has been stuck money-wise cause of the whole having two houses thing.

Rachel doenst seem to understand this. She thinks that my dad has money coming out of his ears and yeah thats not true. Well, if he does he gives it all to bills...including hers. I just dont get it. I dont get her. She's so selfish.

Woo well im off to play more DS! No more of this negativeness!

Oh! Did i fail to mention that i have lots of chocolate in my place now!

Woo! Life is good!

Details of My New Purchase


Since i got such a great response from my news i figured i should have a "follow-up" post.

Well, here are the basics...i got it for $100 and the seller is in PA so it shouldnt take too long to get here. Im getting the DS, the original box it came in with directions, the little pencil thing, and the charger. No i have not bought any games yet.

Oddly enough when i found it i really wasnt in the market for one. I have always wanted one but after not seeing prices fall i gave up. It was just recently that i was actually looking up Ipod Nanos cause i realized they were small cheaper versions on ipod classics.

It was when i saw an advertisement for a website called gamediva.com that i stumbled upon Nintendo DSs they had that were limited edition and were $600! It was my curiosity as to how much regular (unlimited edition) DSs actually cost these days that i found my prize.

I was kinda bummed when i saw amazons prices from them range from $130-$150, but my hope was restored when i saw the Polar White used and new started at $99.

I jumped to read the details...something had to be scratched or missing. Nope...well according to her/him...that although it was used it was in excellent condition (knocks on wood).

Yeah i bounced back and forth...should i or shouldnt i. Im always worried about spending so much on something thats not a bill or a payment of some kind. I did the "I know once i get it somethings gonna come up and i'll be like 'oh i shouldnt have gotten the ds'". But then i remembered something...

Okay u guys remember around christmas my mum asked me to give $693 to Rachel to catch up on shit and that she would pay me back in small payments.

Well, at the beginning of May she gave me a check and had asked me not to deposit it til the end of the month.

That has now turned from deposit it whenever i give u the okay but when i was debating the whole buying of the DS i looked to the right of my computer and saw the $100 check that my mum had written to me in May.

Yeah if yall havent guessed it by now, im a person who believes in signs. And to me seeing that check was like saying "Hey, look! You do have a $100 laying around! Buy something with it!"

So yeah that's the tale of the DS i have bought. I am very excited for it. I hope it doesnt take long to get here.

Thanks to everyone for yr comments! its been awhile since ive gotten so many in one post! Its cool.

Well i gotta get a shower. Im starting to smell!

Hasta Luego homies!

Thanks for Your Order, Debbie!

I did it.

I bought a Nintendo DS Lite Polar White from a seller on amazon an hour ago.


I am one of you now! I AM ONE OF YOU NOW!


When the Cat's Away, I Get To Play

So yeah today was a good day...cause i only worked for 4 hours.

That's right, folks. Debbie got a half day. Why u ask? Well I figured Chris got to go to Kennywood so i figured i get to have a half day. Everyone at work (ahem the 5 other people at work, mind you) seemed rather annoyed that i did this but i personally dont care!

I mean yes i did take a vacation day friday, but at least i actually came into work. And fuck i did more work in the four hours i was there than i did with Chris the day before.

I know Kathleen wont have a problem cause we're really slow and less hours means less money she has to pay me. Oh and yeah she said it was an option for me to take a day off anyway! Pff!

But yeah what did i do when i got out? Well i went to the Exchange downtown and had like maybe 4 cds that i wanted to trade in for store credit...yeah one of these cds were still in the wrapper. Yeah it didnt matter my total in credit was $8.

Boo...well not really cause i saw they had The Mummy and Mummy Returns dvd pack for $10 so i only had to pay $2 for them not a bad deal in my opinion.

After that i got some food at Wendys and while i waited for the bus i checked out a bit of the Arts Festival. It was pretty awesome. The food smelled good. I shoulda got some there. But yeah if i woulda had alot of money i definitely wouldve bought some art. There were alot of nice pieces there.

Id really like to go back and look some more. In Market Square they have these huge what at first appear to be garbage cans actually are little set ups that u can walk into and they have different setups inside. I didnt go in one til i realized at the last one what they were, but im definitely going back and looking again.

Oh man, i hate to cut this off so short, but AFI's 10 of 10 is on and i really wanna watch it!

I'll post tomorrow!


Ooooooooo I Gotta Post

So yeah it was rather a busy weekend...not really, but that's what im gonna keep telling myself.

Friday i got to hang out with Lauren, Heather, and Mark cause it was Lauren's portfolio review and graduation! (Eee im so proud!) and although it was rather long it was still worth it, we had a huge David L Lawrance Convention Center to play with. I actually got alot of really nice pics!

I also got to spend some time in the Strip District. It was really nice. It's been awhile since ive been down there and i have really missed it. Woo. Yeah i think i gotta get down there more often.

Work has gotten very very slow. I dont know whats gonna happen this week. I mean most people would be nervous at the fact that work is slow and u might not get enough hours...but me not so much. I seriously wouldnt mind having some time off. I mean u work at a job for so long doing the same shit everyday u eventually get tired and annoyed.

But anyway!

Um yeah so saturday i deposited my check and got some groceries (actually not alot really...i just realized that i dont have anything for lunch tomorrow) and then idiot me forgot to get something for my dad for fathers day, so i went home hung out there for a few hours and then realized today was fathers day so i went back down to the shopping center and called my mum to find out what gift i should get my dad.

I ended up getting him sandals...cause he's always wanted to wear them but he had yucky toe nails but then his job has this insurance that wants to make sure that yr always healthy so he got them taken care of but then he didnt wanna pay the money for sandals so yeah thats what he got and i also found a really nice tie, so i pulled the classic cliche get yr dad a tie for fathers day.

So thats was nice.

And today i went to my gram & paps where i hung out with my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins...and that was nice. I had some good food.

Man, i really thought i was gonna have more to write. Hmmm

OH yeah! Omg wait til u guys hear this! Omg.

My aunt...the one who lives a street away from me...Well we were talking about celebrity sitings in pittsburgh...

Yeah my aunt tells me that her coworked lives in a building in the strip district (i believe she said the Cork factory building?) where he constantly ran into Viggo Mortensen on the elevator.


I freaked when she told me that. I told her...nay i told EVERYONE...that he was in town and that i was looking for him and NOW she tells me her coworker lived in the same building as he did while he was here.


Alright i cant think about it anymore or im gonna cry.

Actually i think i just better go.



My cell is now fixed! Woo! Calls and texts are now welcome!

That is all.